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Examen: Pray through the day

The Examen is a prayer of attention. In this prayer, we join God in looking back over our day: calling to mind moments of light and dark. Together, we trace His movements in our everyday experience.

Lectio Divina: Steeping in the Word

Lectio Divina is a way to pray the Scriptures. Since the days of the early church, this contemplative way of reading the Bible has equipped believers to slow down, soak in the Word, and savor the nearness of God.

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Breath Prayers: Anchoring in God

Take a deep breath.  God is with you.

These short, Bible-based phrases can be prayed in rhythm with your breath. 

Daily Prayers: Reflections for your week

Each short devotional guide for each day of the week includes a Bible verse, a breath prayer, a question to consider, and a poem.

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