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TUESDAY: Purpose

A Prayer for the Work



Pause.  Just for a moment.

Grow still.  Notice your breath.  Let yourself become aware that God is here with you.

Begin to pray this prayer to God:

Inhale:  "I offer my work"

Exhale:  "as an act of love."

Breathe this prayer, slow and steady, for seven cycles of breath. 

Notice what changes in your body, mind, and spirit as you pray.



Read the words Jesus spoke to his followers in Matthew 25.

"Truly I say to you, as you did it to the least of did it to Me."


What stands out as you read these words?



Think of the work that you have already done today, and the work you have left to do.


Imagine Jesus receiving your everyday acts of service.

What does His face look like?



Let your heart respond to Jesus.  Use your own words or pray along with the poem below.

"The rhythm of our daily work

can often seem mundane.

The meals are made, the bills are paid,

the children tucked in bed.

We work, we clean, we wash, we feed,

and we wonder if it matters.

But God of the Small Things, You promise

that with every plate of food 

and every sacrifice and every hug,

we've fed and blessed and kissed the Holy.


So fuel our hands to serve the least,

and fuel our hearts to work for love."

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