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Spiritual Direction is one of many tools we use to strengthen our faith.  Each "tool" has its own gift: Bible study strengthens our minds, discipleship strengthens our wills, counseling strengthens our hearts.

While spiritual direction often engages with the Bible, it is not a means of study.

While spiritual direction often changes our behavior, it is not a means of growth.

While spiritual direction evokes our deepest hearts, it is not a  means of therapy.

At its core, Spiritual Direction is a prayer practice that invites us to come close to Jesus.  To quote Brother Lawrence, it's a "practice of the presence of God."

In direction, we learn to grow in our awareness of God,  of our responses to Him, and of His responses to us.



Life can be loud and endlessly distracting. 


Spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to carve out space to orient to God.  In direction, we set the busyness aside, for just a moment, and let ourselves "be still and know."  

Some people pursue direction as a regular part of their spiritual rhythm.  And others pursue direction because they have a specific need, such as: 

  • discernment (regarding job changes, college choices, preparing for marriage, etc)

  • prayer resources (tools and ideas for going deeper in prayer)

  • help in a difficult season (direction was huge for me during my own cancer scare) 

Whether you come with a specific need or simply a longing to try it out, welcome.  I am glad you are here.  

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Once a month, the director and directee meet for an hour (online or virtually).  These meetings become a sort of Sabbath - creating space to pause in the chaos of everyday life and draw near to God.  

I begin each session with prayer or a slow reading from the Bible.  Then we move into silence.  From there, we follow the Spirit.  Whether you have brought something specific to talk about or aren't sure where to begin, I've got you.

My role as director is to serve as a companion - cultivating silence, listening intently (to both you and the Spirit), asking open questions, and bearing witness to the movements of God. 

Together, we orient to God, believing that He is speaking, that He wants to be known, and that everything we need is found as we draw near to Him.


Listening to God Together

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