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Listening to God Together

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Spiritual direction is an ancient, shared prayer practice that uses the tools of contemplation to help us draw near to Jesus.   

In direction, we lean on silence, stillness, and attention to grow in our awareness of God, our responses to Him, and His responses to us.

Life can be loud and endlessly distracting. 


Spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to carve out space to orient to God.  In direction, we intentionally pause - for just a moment - to let ourselves "be still and know." 


Together, we practice of the presence of God. 


Some people pursue direction as a regular part of their spiritual rhythm.  And others pursue direction because they have a specific need, such as: 

  • discernment (regarding job changes, college choices, preparing for marriage, etc)

  • prayer resources (tools and practices for deepening your prayer life)

  • care in a difficult season (direction was huge for me during my own cancer scare)


Whether you come with a specific need or simply a longing to try it out, welcome.  I am glad you are here.  

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Once a month, the director and directee meet for an hour (online or in person).  Each session begins with prayer and silence.  From there, they move into a time of sharing and listening, being attentive to how God is meeting the directee in the rhythms of their life.  

My role as director is to serve as a companion - cultivating silence, listening compassionately (to both you and the Spirit), asking open questions, and bearing witness to the movements of God. 

The typical cost for a session varies from $40-60, depending on economic needs.  If that cost feels prohibitive, please reach out.  Scholarships and discounts are available.

If you are interested in learning more, I'd love to chat with you, answer questions, or have a short (free) session to see if this practice is right for you.


Together, we orient to God, believing that He is speaking, that He wants to be known, and that everything we need is found as we draw near to Him.



My name is Laura.  I'm a writer and spiritual director living in the Loess Hills of Iowa with my husband, our three boys, and two enormous dogs.

After working as a counselor for several years, I became a full-time caregiver to our sons.  During that time, I started writing and exploring contemplative prayer.


When I first stumbled into a contemplative prayer class, I realized I had been longing for this kind of spiritual rest for a long time.


In contemplative prayer, I was led into the "unforced rhythms of grace."  I didn’t just consider Jesus; I met with Him.  


Before long, I was signing up for all the contemplative activities I could find.  Formational prayer.  Spiritual Direction.  The 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius.  I was hooked.

After a while, I began teaching formational prayer classes and in May 2023, I earned my certificate in Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith.

Now, it’s my pleasure to offer direction to others.  I happily direct anyone; however, if you are new to contemplation, burned-out on religion, or looking for trauma-informed direction, I have a special place for you.


•    MA Counseling: Grace College and Seminary, 2007
•    Certificate in Spiritual Direction: Sustainable Faith, 2023

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