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A Prayer for Persevering



Pause.  Just for a moment.

Grow still.  Notice your breath.  Let yourself become aware that God is here with you.

Begin to pray this prayer to God:

Inhale:  "I wait on You"

Exhale:  "and I find strength."

Breathe this prayer, slow and steady, for seven cycles of breath. 

Notice what changes in your body, mind, and spirit as you pray.



Think ahead to the rest of the week to come.


Where do you need God's fresh strength today?​


Open your heart to receive that now.



Read the words from Isaiah 40:

"But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.  They spread their wings and soar like eagles.  They run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind."


Notice how you respond to this passage. 


What emotions rise up in you?  Perhaps peace and reassurance.  Perhaps disappointment and frustration. 


Simply notice without judging.



Let your heart respond to Jesus.  Use your own words or pray along with the poem below.

"Halfway through this week of work,

I come to You for fresh strength:

for strength to love as You have loved,

for strength to work as You have worked,

for strength to serve as You have served.

I wait on You and lean into​

the renewing rush of Your Holy Spirit."

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