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Image by Ira Ostafiichuk


A Prayer for Rest



Pause.  Just for a moment.

Grow still.  Notice your breath.  Let yourself become aware that God is here with you.

Begin to pray this prayer to God:

Inhale:  "You are here."

Exhale:  "I find rest."

Breathe this prayer, slow and steady, for seven cycles of breath. 

Notice what changes in your body, mind, and spirit as you pray.



Read the words God spoke to the Israelites in the wilderness, from Exodus 33:

"And He said, 'My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.'"

Consider the Israelites. 


What might the promise of rest have meant to them?



​How might you embody an attitude of rest today?


In your body? 





Let your heart respond to Jesus.  Use your own words or pray along with the poem below.

"Lord of the Sabbath,

lead us in the gift of Your rest.

Help us set aside

our drive to accomplish.

Fill our quiet, empty hands

with the riches of Your stillness.

Help us know the humility

of not shaping or producing.

Help us revel in the grace

of a world we do not make.

The sun rises, the sun sets,

and we take our place in the order of things.

Fill our Sabbath rest with joy

and long, rambling conversations,

and silence and tea

and laughter and naps.

Teach us what it means

to be still

and know that You

are God."

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