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an ancient form of contemplative prayer that moves in rhythm with the breath. 


Begin by choosing a phrase to pray.  This can be anything: a Bible verse, a prayer request, a promise, or even a longing.


Grow still and notice your breath. 


Let your mind and body grow quiet.


Become aware that you are in the presence of the Loving God.  

When you are ready, start to incorporate your phrase. 


With each inhale and exhale, repeat the words in rhythm with your breath.

Your breath becomes the metronome for your prayer - each one drawing you deeper in.


A well known example of breath prayer is "The Jesus Prayer" from Luke 18.  Combining the words of the publican and the blind man, the prayer reads:

Inhale: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,

Exhale: have mercy on me, a sinner.

Whatever phrase you choose, I recommend praying for at least seven breath cycles.  But wonderfully, of course, there is no wrong way to pray. 


Use a breath prayer quickly - in the middle of a heated argument or the checkout line at the grocery story. 


Or use a breath prayer slowly - giving yourself as much time and space as you need.


Finally, as we end our prayer, we notice how it shapes who we become.


We notice what has shifted in our bodies, hearts, and minds.


Our bodies become still, or they don't.

Our thoughts become centered, or they don't.

Our hearts become connected, or they don't.

Whatever you notice, don't worry.  Don't judge it.


Because Jesus always meets us in the unhurried rhythm of prayer and of His Word.  

He always meets us exactly where we are.  

He's not in a rush.


As we breathe in His truth, it becomes part of us. With every inhale and exhale, our bodies, minds, and hearts anchor in the slow, steady work of God.

Rest in these promises, and be at peace.

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