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Image by Serafima Lazarenko

FRIDAY: Complete

A Prayer for Drawing to a Close



Pause.  Just for a moment.

Grow still.  Notice your breath.  Let yourself become aware that God is here with you.

Begin to pray this prayer to God:

Inhale:  "Give us Your grace"

Exhale:  "to end this week well."

Breathe this prayer, slow and steady, for seven cycles of breath. 

Notice what changes in your body, mind, and spirit as you pray.



Read the words from Ecclesiastes 7:

"Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit better than the proud in spirit."

Consider patience and pride. 

Consider beginnings and ends.



Imagine bringing your work week to a close. 


What might it mean to "end well" today?


How will you begin to prepare for the transition to rest? 



Let your heart respond to Jesus.  Use your own words or pray along with the poem below.

The week is drawing to a close.

"We no longer look ahead and envision what will be,


but instead look back and see what has become.

The sun rises and the sun sets.

Help us not grow weary in doing good,

and prepare our hearts for the rest to come."

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