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Image by Annie Spratt


Weeding Out What Hinders Growth

When seedlings break through the ground, they need a lot of space to grow. Their roots are small, their shoots fragile. We clear away anything that blocks the light.

Fasting helps us create a clean, open space for growth. Use the questions below to consider what you and God might cultivate together.

Prayer Points

Take a deep breath. Become aware of the light of Jesus's loving gaze. Invite God to guide you in this exercise.


Planting Seeds.

What good things do you see growing in your life? What would you like to take root?


Charting Growth.

What do you hope those new things will mature into? Be specific if you can.


Assessing the Ground.

What things crowd out this new growth? What can you weed out to create space?


Tending the Soil.

Is there anything to add to your life? Anything that will help this growth flourish?



What support would you like to ask God and community for? What will help you co

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