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Resurrection Eggs are a tangible, fun way for children to engage in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  


How does this work?

  • Find 12 plastic eggs and number each one from 1-12
  • Fill each one with the items listed in this document (ie, egg 1 contains a palm, egg 2 contains bread).
  • Hide them with your regular eggs!
  • After the hunt, read through the corresponding summary and bible verse that goes with each egg (feel free to print and roll them up in the egg, or simply have a document on hand)
  • Enjoy the looks on your kids' faces as they hold, smell, and touch the Easter story.


What's included:

  • Printable PDF with a list of the items needed for each egg, the summary sentence, and the Bible verses to look up.



*I did not create this resource.  There are dozens of free examples of this activity all over the internet; I just picked our favorites parts and compiled them here.



Resurrection Eggs: A quick guide to your own Easter story egg hunt



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