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Here is everything you need to create a family-friendly Christian Passover.  Whether you are brand new to Passover or have been observing this feast for years, this resource provides everything you need to know, including:


  • A Family Haggadah (your script for the evening), and
  • Seder Dinner Prep Sheet (which includes a checklist of everything you need to get ready ahead of time) 

Passover dinners (seders) are scripted. There are prayers and Scriptures for every part of the meal. I modified several beautiful haggadah's to be:


  • centered on Jesus, and
  • accessible to young kids (approx 12 and under)

Download for free, print as many copies as you like, and remember - this is a celebration of freedom.  You don't have to get it "right."  Perfection has no place at the table.


Someone *always* spills a grape juice. Haggadahs are lost. Attention drifts. Dancing to "This Little Light of Mine" results in broken lamps (hypothetically, of course).

What matters isn't perfection but presence. We show up. We remember. We sing and laugh and drink and (if you're like me) weep. It's messy and raw and wild and wonderful.


And in the greatest of all mysteries, God shows up too. Every salty vegetable and broken loaf turns into a holy relic. And there, on a messy blanket on the living room floor, we touch the face of God.


Join us?

A Guide to a Christian Family Passover



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