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Welcoming 2024

Epiphany: Jesus Appears to Us

In the season of Advent, we waited for Jesus. On Christmas, we celebrated the birth of the One who comes to us. In Epiphany, we orient to the One who is coming to us still. 


Click below to celebrate Christ's appearing (Epiphany), to notice Him in the past year (Examen), and to orient your life to His in the year to come (Rule of Life & Word for the Year).

The Lord is with you!

Image by Simon Z


Saturday, Jan 6


"Epiphany" comes from a Greek word meaning "to appear." It is a feast and a season; it honors three "manifesting" moments of Jesus's life: meeting the Magi, being baptized, and performing his first miracle.

Click on the gallery below to explore ways of celebrating the season!

Rule of Life

The New Year is a time of resolution. But before we decide what we want to do, we consider who we want to be. 

The Rule of Life helps us name what we value and orient our lives to it. It's not really a to-do list; it's more of a compass, helping us navigate the year ahead. It assists us in making choices with our time, body, energy, and resources that align with our greatest values.

An Examen of 2024

Click on the gallery below to begin an easy reflection on 2023

Image by Prophsee Journals

Word for the Year

Choosing a word for your year is a simple exercise with lots of space for creativity.

The purpose behind your word for the year can vary. You might choose a word based on:

  • what you would like to cultivate in your life 

  • what you are asking God for 

  • where you see God moving and would like to join Him

  • an action, service, or ministry to which you feel called

  • a fruit of the Spirit to which you are drawn

  • a Bible verse in which you want to linger

There is no wrong way to pick a word.  Simply notice which one of points above stands out.

Then, begin to play!  Think of songs or images that draw you.  Pay attention to your longings.  Discuss your ideas with friends.  Collage or draw.  Look at your church notes or Bible highlights or journal pages.  Are you seeing any themes?

Now make a giant list!  Don't censor yourself. Just brain-dump any words, phrases, ideas, or quotes that resonate.

Finally, the best part.  Invite Jesus to join you.  Pause.  Orient to His constant, loving presence.  Let yourself grow still.


In the quiet, take a moment to listen.  What does He have to say?

Don't worry if you don't land on a word right away; the point of this exercise is more to meet with God than it is to pick the perfect word.

But as your heart orients to Him in prayer, notice what stands out.  And when you're ready - after a few minutes or a few weeks - choose your word or phrase.

Share it with friends.  Play with it.  Tweak it.  Let it take up some space in your Rule of Life.

My prayer is that as your year progresses, the Word serves as magnifying glass - bringing God's movement into sharper focus.

"I’m learning to love the ground that lies
beneath my feet in the fallow season

the ground of the dormant, of sleeping life
that carries no promise of certain production

the ground of the nourished, fed by the death
of the things that once bloomed

the ground of the passive, that simply receives
the rains of the fall and the rest of winter

the ground that cannot be measured
by the brightness of green breaking the rows

or the richness of fruits that fall from the vines
or the service it pays to some greater end

but holds its value in the simple act
of embracing its wild and wonderful being.”

"Use-less" from Carolina Clay
Cozy Winter
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