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"God made us for joy.  God is joy and the
joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us."

-Pope John Paul II

Songs of Joy

Click on the songs below for songs of joy.  Soft and loud, slow and quick.  May joy surprise.

Image by Davies Designs Studio

Elizabeth & A Joy that Leaps

Click on the gallery below for a contemplative reading from Luke 1:26-38 (NIV)

Art & Photography for Joy 

Click on the gallery below to dive into images - ancient & modern - of Elizabeth and Mary, joy, laughter, and BABIES.

Poems of Joy

These poems, from my journal, were written during past joy weeks.  

"Joy to the World, Reprise"
A journal poem from peace week, 2020

Joy to the World,
to the weary world,

to the ones awake

in the silent hours.


Joy to the World,

to the wounded world,

to the ones who walk

their roads with a limp.


"Joy to the World"

is not an anthem

but a ballad

set in a minor key.


In a world of sorrow,

joy only exists

in the realm of a King

who shouldered a cross.


I never could drink

from the cup of this joy

if the Hands that held it out

weren't scarred.


Image by Nicolas Ladino Silva

"This Has Fallen Out of Fashion"
A journal poem from advent 2021

In every draft

of every poem

red lines scar

each stanza,

each line,

where this canceled

word has snuck

on the page.

Even my iPhone


that I cut it,

suggesting instead

what it thinks

I have meant.

I promise

to choose

the best

of the words,

but look...

at the geese


with a haunting cry

and look...

at the crocus 


with snow-covered cheeks

and look...

at my baby


with laughter

and look...

at this

and this

and this.

Prayers of Joy

Ancient prayers.  Breath prayers.  Scripture prayers.  Lean on these or create your own.

Journal Prompts

Use them all, or only a few, or none at all. 

Notice which ones draw you.  Notice which ones repel you.  Create your own.  Draw.  Discuss.  Play.


May these prompts serve as a springboard.



Where in your life would you like to see joy kindled?



Does anything in you resist joy?  Consider the push-back.



Is there anything you would like to receive from Jesus before embracing joy?



When have you experienced the joy of the Lord as your strength?



How does God interact with your sorrow?  Your joy?  Consider His face, and His delight in you.

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