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Watering Indoor Plants


Soaking Up the Nearness of God

Light. Water. Air. The earth knows exactly what the seedlings in a garden need to thrive. It does its work - soft and slow. We join. Mix in fertilizer. Turn on hoses in the dry season.

As God tends to our faith, we soak up His nearness in prayer. Prayer can be a verb - an action we complete. But what if prayer is a place? How might we enter it during this season?

Ways to Enter Prayer


Spiritual Direction

Direction provides a quiet, safe space to listen to God together and grow deep roots.​


Breath Prayer

Follow the pace of your breath as you soak up the beauty of God's presence.


Lectio Divina

Don't let the Latin throw you. This practice is a simple way to linger in the Word in prayer.


Daily Prayer

Follow the rhythm of your week with these slow reflections and prayers.


Beholding Prayer Book

Learn about the gift of Beholding Prayer; where we simply enjoy drawing near to God.

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