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Image by micheile henderson


Sharing the Harvest

Every Sunday at our old, small-town church, a local farmer would back up his truck all the way to the sanctuary door, and lower the tailgate. The truck's bed overflowed with tomatoes & corn & cucumbers. He'd hand out plastic bags and tell us to dig in.

Giving is the best part of the growing season. We come close. We share rich foods, sweet flavors, and the gratitude of abundance. What table might you set this Lent?

Prayer Points

Take a deep breath. Become aware of the light of Jesus's loving gaze. Invite God to guide you in this exercise.



"Gathering" begins with noticing what has grown. What gifts have you been given?


Say Grace.

What resources have you gathered up? Form a prayer of gratitude to the Giver.


Plan the Menu.

As you look at what you have, what could you make of it? What might sharing look like?


Set the Table.

Following the lead of your life, make a practical plan for giving or sharing your gifts.


Invite the Guests.

Give! Sign up to volunteer. Donate to a local service group. Listen. Serve. Enjoy.

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