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OUR FATHER: Flesh and Bone (VIDEO)

Along with everyone else, our family has been binge-watching The Chosen.

Popcorn? Check.

Blankets? Check.

Kleenex? Check, check, check.

(The kids no longer ask if I'm "crying again." It's just assumed now.)

Something about Jesus's humanity ruins me every time. I get choked up when He winks at a joke, dances at a wedding, or shakes with exhaustion.

His body makes Him approachable. It's easier to pray when your God has worn flesh and bone.

For Lent, I wrote a series of prayers for our church based on the Lord's Prayer. This first poem ("Our Father in Heaven") was easy to write.

I credit flesh and bone.

"My Father in heaven, I delight today in what it means to be Your child.

When I was alone, You called me by name.

When I was a slave, You made me Your heir.

When I was afraid, You lavished Your love.

Your goodness has followed me all of my life, and I bear Your family name with pride.

May I be so delighted in Your provision,

so contented in Your presence,

and so compliant to Your direction,

that my life becomes a flesh-and-blood witness that I am a child of God."

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